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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This list is based on the employment market in Malaysia and compiled based on data obtained from jobs posted at Allyhunt and the general observation of jobs advertised in print media as well as other online job sites this year.

1. Software Engineers or Programmers
- those that lament no jobs probably did not bother to upgrade their computer skills. Otherwise, programming jobs are in abundance and IT or technology-related jobs will only increase as our reliance on the computer and internet grows by the hour.

2. Sales Officers/Executives
- from selling engineering products to advertising services, the sales career is in demand every day. Jobs are aplenty and in times like these, employers are relying more on good and dependable sales personnel to help the company stay afloat. If you don't make the cut, you help to create a job vacancy.

3. Accounts Executives / Accountants
- this career never suffers a day of downturn. Probably in bad times, instead of three executives, employers may make do with two because companies cannot function without them. The financial reports are needed to make critical business decisions. That's why the openings for accounting personnel are always available.

4. Audit Executives
- like their accounting counterpart, auditing work goes on regardless of the economic climate.

5. Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers
- for those with Diploma or Certificate qualifications, job posts for technicians are in demand.

6. System Support or Network Engineers
- goes hand-in-hand with programming jobs. You can't have software without the hardware , network connections, etc..

7. Customer Services Executives / Call Centre Agents
- with a big bulk of contributuions for our economy coming from the service sector, it goes without saying the need for customer service personnel is there. On top of what, with more business-outsourcing centres being set-up nowadays, the openings for call centre agents are also increasing by the day.

8. Clerks / Administrators
- there is a reasonably high job demand in this sector, but the supply of workers far exceeds the number of jobs available. That's why applicants for these jobs still find it tough to get hired.

9. Pharmacists
- people are getting more health-conscious and with that, the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing dynamic growth. The total number of registered pharmacist in Malaysia stood at 7,298 last year, giving a ratio of one pharmacist to 3,878 population. There is obviously a vast shortage of pharmacists. A career in pharmacy is tipped to be on the rise in the next few years.

10. Teachers for pre-schools and private schools
- we shall see a rise in the future as more Malaysians are relying on private and specials schools to educate their children.

(sources : Allyhunt, 2012)


Although it is easy to mistake the two to mean the same, they are in fact two very different things. A person who has a career almost definitely has one or more stable jobs in their life, but a person who has a job may not necessarily have a career. The following are some of the differences that can help you tell between a job and a career. Let's check it out!!

1) Continuous development
A career involves planning, having milestones to overcome and goals to achieve. There is a lot of development happening at the start, in the middle or nearing the peak of a career, whereas in a job, your first day and your last day is pretty much the same. It is also easier to find a replacement for you when you leave.

2) Having a job
There are actually many jobs that require people to do the same things day in, day out : eg..driving a taxi, working the cash register, attending to shoppers, keeping a park clean etc. While these are important jobs which contribute to the economy and provide pleasent experiences to the public, they are functional roles that must remain as they are to stay relevant.
In this sense, waiting tables would be considered a job. A waiter only has a job if he comes to work on-the-dot and leaves after his shift is done. However, if he takes up night classes in a hotel management course, is committed to his work, goes the extra mile for his customers, learns from his mistakes and aspires to be the restaurant manager 1 day, he is in fact working towards what will eventually become a solid career in the food & beverage industry.

Even if he does all that but ends up leaving the restaurant, he will still have his career, because with the knowledge and skills he has, he can apply to join or lead a restaurant crew elsewhere.

3) You climb or you plateau
When you don't want a career, you can job hop from one place to another with ease and think nothing of it. A person who is serious about having a career will see every job as a learning avenue, a networking opportunity or a step up the career ladder. You have your goal in sight or a success platform whereby when you reach it, you can consider yourself to have achieved your ambition.

4) Making the switch
When you give uo a job, you let go of that option and you seek out another one - eg: you let go of the position as a teacher in one school and look up opportunities in another school. When you give up a career, you are exiting the line of work that you have spent possibly a decade in, carrying with you the skills, knowledge and experience you obtained during that part of your work life.
There are people who give up one career to start a totally new one, probably one that they find their true passion in - eg: from being a school teacher to becoming a textbook writer. In this switch, the knowledge and skills are somewhat relevant, but the new writer will have to rebuild his or her networks and reputation to seek out new opportunities.

5) Personal satisfaction
A person in a job may get all the aspects in their lives figured out financially - but when it comes to personal worth, the values they hold dear, and finding purpose in what they do, a job may not be enough. With a career, yuo can craft your own roadmap and decide on your own happy ending : branch out into business named in the memory of a favourite aunt; start an animal shelter for abandoned kittens; or produce an award-winning 3D animation series.

(sources from :

Monday, April 2, 2012

yang terindah..........:)

Tanggal 27 mac 2012...
dpt panggilan tepOn dr wan (mbe sekapal dlu...)

"niza...pakdin dh xde...."


Al-Fatihah buat arwah Pak Din (En. Baharudin bin Adol)...arwah ialah pegawai UiTM Kedah, seorg Pembantu Kesatria UiTM Kedah selaku penaung utama dlm organisasi Kesatria Kedah...

Pemergian arwah cukop terasa hingga kini....namun kami harus redha dgn ketentuan Allah SWT...titipkan doa serta ayat suci Al-Quran buat arwah d sana mOga d tempatkan bersama-sama insan yg solah...amin~

Buat yg mengenali arwah Pak Din...ak pasti korg akn teringat2 dgn gelak tawa...usikan..kata-kata arwah yg sentiasa lembut & menenangkan....arwah sgtttt mengambil berat akan insan2 yg mengenali arwah...sbb itu arwah sgt d senangi oleh sume...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"amai.......hg katup sat mulot hg maiiii......"

"ayaa....tanda kt muka hg dh ilang...."

"xpalaaa.........kiraa sumaa lulusss senang abes cita...."

tiap bait2 kata arwah mengundang ketawa d bibir....menguntum senyum sume...indahnya kenangan itu.. sifat keprihatianan arwah pada sume tiada tolak banding...
marah beliau...marah bapak pda anak..
nasihat beliau...nasihat bapak pda anak..
ketawa beliau...ketawa bapak dgn anak..

ajal maut di tangan Tuhan..
ketentuan yg pasti tidak dpt d ubah..
namun, redha itu pasti
redha itu membawa pemergian beliau..

patah tumbuh hilang berganti..
namun beliau tetap tiada galang gantinya..
wahai isteri, anak2, kaum keluarga serta sahabat handai...
tiada lain yang diminta..
hanya titipan doa kalian membawa bekalan..
untuk bersama-sama mengingati 
Ajal itu pasti tiba..

p/s: Al-Fatihah.......