siape COMEL ikot sini tau..

Thursday, February 28, 2013

today is not my day :(

the worst thing i've done today is.....

i don't know how to explain 
the part of my job/task during the audition session
errgghhhh lagi..

why i don't know??

mybe after this i shouldn't get things easy 
i means here is..
jangan amek mudah sesuatu perkara
then after an incident 
i felt like....ergggghhhh
so stupid laa..!

but my answer for them is..
"it is a simple just handle for lending & borrowing process..
just a simple system.."

i repeat twice..."just a simple system".. just not sure  
ha ha ha
so...if i said "i don't know"..
is rather better i said "its just a simple system.." (with confidence-face)

luckily they're not in my field
if i met a person totally 100% "taiko" in my field
so..i rather take MC / EL on that day!
sumpahhh i don't want to faces them 
be shame on me :(

i noticed what..
after i "godek-godek" back the system
then finally i get the answer 
yes..! it was so simple oke..!
ya ya yaa...
mybe this time was my fault :(
Inshaa Allah after this i should remember
don't put other things as simple without u know it well..!

mybe today is not my lucky day 
(i think they also feel im not capable in doing my job)
never mind laa
just bare in is not my day :(
hu hu hu


  1. miss hidy: time tuh je pon dok pk sat...pehtu xde ape dh ha ha ha (padan muke kt diri sndiri..lalalalaa)