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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

kerana nasi dagang stadium

Just having cit-chat wif my mom in a way to office 

"..Mak rase mcm nk makan nasi dagang le..kt stadium nun..ajak skali Cik Sal teman.."

"..dh pegi stadium kang..Mak lajak-lajak laa ke Piak nun...x jauh pon.."

"..nak buat ape..?"

"..Mak bawak skali le ngn nasi dagang tu jugak....hehhehee.."

short & concise
just a word that came from my mouth 
not attention at all
im juz talking in a way such a jokes too

but not for my mom thought  =____=


"..kakcik meh turun cepat Mak kt bawah dh ni.."

" kt Piak ke? betoi ke nih?.."

"..betoii laa cepatt...kamu punye nasi dagang ade skali ni.."

"..laa kakcik main-main aje.....mekasih byk2 Mak..." really really touched!!
no wonder if my mom can take it seriously on what im saying 

for me..frankly..i've never been such a good daughter yet
even though im try my best to be GOOD but still not yet ENOUGH
sometimes im too lazy in doing chores at home
sometimes im juz pretending not-to-hear when my mom "bising-bising"
sometimes im juz felt boring when it comes to massage my mom
am i such a GOOD daughter huh??   

answer is.....NOT ENOUGH YET!!

here..for the entire of my life
i've never seen my mom "mengeluh" for us satisfied
i've never seen my mom say NO to fulfill our needs
i've never seen my mom "tarik muka" when she tired melayan kerenah her children

That's my mom

im pretty sure..that all of MOTHER in the world will also being like this

once u'll be a mother u'll taking care of your children for entire urlife...:)

praised to Allah SWT to giving my mom ;
-in good health & cheerful always
-dipanjangkan umurnya
-dimurahkan rezekinya
-diredhai kehidupanya
-diberi "kemanisan" dalam hidupnya
-dilindungi dari sebarang bala petaka
amin...amin ya rabbul amin......

& for me also..
i'll make sure that i've to be GOOD & "solehah" daughter (insyallah) for my mom
who always sacrifices her owned "life" for giving the best happiness to her children  

for me
without my mom
i will not be a real life..untill now..

thank you a lots Mak ^__^

Kakcik always loved Mak & others too!!

thank you for the Nasi Dagang Stadium...:)


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