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Friday, July 20, 2012

special gift :)


Thankful to Allah SWT for giving me "knowing" special person in my life..(^__^)v
1) My lovely Parent (mak & abah)
2) My lovely Siblings (along [akak, ipan, haris,farhan], kyong, bgteh & dila)
3) My lovely friendssss.....(alot of them here :))
4) My lovely Teachers..Lecturers (who teaches me until now) 


last but not least...special for someone who really2 i've never
forget (Insyallah)..for the rest of my life..who really2 such a good friendz to me..
who really2 that i can share problems or whatever kindda of story to share with..
a person who really2 inspired / motivated me while im "fall" before..

Thankful to Allah SWT for the sweetened moment that we've been through with.. 
moment of happiness..
moment of sadness..
moment of hardness.. 
moment of FRIENDSHIP :)

lately i've noticed "something" here..
both of us can't stick together like formerly
u've a dream & im also have a dream
eventhough it is just a "little" that i've dreaming of..
but it still can't make us separate forever..

frankly im "touching" for your good news
im not happy for that..only felt "missing" after all..
BUT im realized back!
what makes you happy is the best moment i should bare mind..
what makes you glowing is the best moment i should share with..
& what makes you joyful is the best medicine i should taken with..

and for the sake of our Friendship
i pray to Allah SWT...for giving you THE BEST on whatever you've done!
for your future undertaking
for your future "lovely" & children :)
for your healthy & happy family ever after..

& also very thankful for your special gift that i've never thought before..
Thank you for giving me "remember" most to Allah SWT & His creatures..

 Alhamdulillah...praise to Allah SWT for creating you as my Bestie for entire life...:) 

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