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Thursday, August 15, 2013

your wish makes blossomed my day :)

Assalamualaikum :)

"your wish makes blossomed my day" 

perhaps that it just not a wish only
maybe sooner or later its become a true story of us
InsyaAllah..just pray for it :)
otherwise if it not happen at all
I wish it can be apart of our sweetness memories
only just of us know about it 
only just of us feel about it
just remains all of it for our history

yeahh..its really hard!
when we're known each other in "distance" way
nothing much we can do 
only wishes make us become more closer
and we learn from it 
on how to be independent person
on how to be more stronger every day
on how to be trustworthy for each other
we learn from it right??
so..put our patient and calmness in our relationship
seem to be hard but it worth it
just go the flow and
let it be our journey for the "true-relationship"

everyone have their own "dream"
so do us right..??
only Allah knows which is the best for us
when the time is happened
no one can changed it 
lets doa' for our happiness
InsyaAllah it will remains until Jannah..


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